Tree Removal

The simple act of caring for trees improves life on earth and in this town in many ways. Trees beautify our neighborhoods and build civic pride. They clean the air and combat climate change. They reduce stormwater runoff and prevent soil erosion. They provide shade, lower air temperatures and reduce energy demand. They are a natural habitat for birds and insects, including migrating birds and important pollinators. They increase property values. They make for healthier communities and people, alleviating stress and anxiety. We can each play a role in protecting our trees and enhancing life in Provincetown, already a remarkable place on the planet.

Removing Trees

  • A permit from the Tree Warden is required for all Public Shade Trees and Town Trees.
  • If the tree is a street tree greater than 1½" in diameter, a public hearing before the Tree Warden is mandatory

Replacing Trees

  • For any tree that is removed, replacement plantings approved by the Tree Warden are required.

Tree Removal Application (PDF)