Town Projects Updates

Harbor Hill

Project Description: The creation of market rate rental housing for year round residents within the Town of Provincetown: 4 buildings with 28 Units
Budget: On February 6, 2017, the Town of Provincetown voted to spend up to $10,700,000 to purchase and renovate 26
units of housing at Harbor Hill.
On September 4, 2018, The Town acquired title to the property for $8,101,620.00
On October 3, 2018 a $250,000 State Grant was received to create two (2) additional ADA Compliant Units (bringing the total number of units available from 26 to 28)
Last Step: The new property manager under the Community Development Partnership began in January. The Year Round
Market Rate Rental Housing Trust (YRRHT) has focused on the renovations of the central building (#5) in order to make
units available in April. The lottery for the first group of applicants that submitted their forms in the fall of 2018 was
conducted on February 27, 2019 at the VMCC. The rebidding for the renovation project of Buildings #4,#6, and #7 for
General Contractor is underway, and a contractor should be under contract by the end of this month.
Next Step: Construction bids are in, and the award of the construction contract for the renovation project will be by the
end of March. Work under this contract is anticipated to take six (6) months. Through the Cape Light Compact, mini‐split
air conditioning/heating systems will be installed in March in Building #5. Rental units will begin to be offered for those
applicants from lottery in April. Round 2 application requests will begin in March.

Contact: Michelle Jarusiewicz 508‐487‐7087 mjarusiewicz@provincetown‐    harbor hill

Town Wide Goal: Housing 

Strategic Plan Objective: Increase Community Housing availability

VFW & Current Police Station

Project Description: Property initially purchased for a shared space with the intent to relocate the Police
Station and for Affordable Housing. With the proposed location of the Police Station across the street, it
will now be dedicated to community and affordable housing.
Budget: In October of 2013, the Town of Provincetown approved the acquisition of the VFW site. On
April 2, 2018, the Town of Provincetown approved $75,000 to hire development consultants.
Last Step: Mass. Housing Partnership (MHP) provided direct technical assistance and $20,000 for 3rd
party assistance for engineering site analysis including existing conditions, land capacity, utilities, soil,
access, etc. MHP has engaged Bohler Engineering to perform the site analysis work. A Request for
Proposals for consultants was issued by the Town to conduct the pre‐development evaluation,
including financial options and the community engagement process, for both the VFW site and the
current police station site on Shank Painter Road. This bid is due on March 14th. The consultants’
focus will be to assist with financing and development opportunities in preparation for the
issuance of an RFP for site development through a robust community engagement process.
Next Step: The Town will receive and evaluate the proposals, award the contract by the end of March,
and begin the community outreach process in April.

VFW building

Contact: Michelle Jarusiewicz 508‐487‐7087 mjarusiewicz@provincetown‐

Town Wide Goal: Housing 

Strategic Plan Objective: Increase Community Housing availability

Commercial Street Porous Pavement Project (Phase IV)

Project Description: Phase IV Reconstruction of Commercial Street using Porous Pavement from Allerton
Street to Howland Street. Phases I‐III has been completed from Howland Street to Winthrop Street.
Budget: On April 2, 2018, the Town of Provincetown authorized the expenditure of up to $1,075,000 for Phase
IV of the Roadway Reconstruction Project. These funds are to be used as a match for the USDA Grant of
$2,075,000 awarded on July 16, 2018
Last Act: The Town solicited bids for the Roadway Reconstruction, and sent a letter of award to the contractor,
Robert B. Our Company.
Next Act: Work will begin on site late March. Notifications of road closures and detours for this work will be
conducted by the contractor in conjunction with the DPW and Police Department. The work is anticipated to
be completed by June 15th. If you want to be on the project notification list, please sign up under Alerts in the
Emergency Preparedness link on the Town Website. Go to Towns Web Page, Click “Alerts” on home page to left
of page, Click “Click Here For Alerts”, and either log into your account (if already a member)or sign up, and
choose DPW Planning and Projects.
Commercial Street PavingContact: Rich Waldo rwaldo@provincetown‐ 508‐487‐7060

Goal: Built and Natural Environment 

Objective: Promote Policies and programs that protect and sustain the
natural environment, and our community’s way of life

New Police Station

Project Description: Construction of a New Police Station at the corner of Jerome Smith and Shank
Painter Road
Budget: The Town of Provincetown approved a budget of $8,625,000 at the April 2017 Town Meeting. A
closer analysis of the cost to complete this project has been estimated at $12,424,000
Last Step: The Town sponsored a Town Topics Forum on February 9th where the DPW Director, Building
Committee, Flansburgh Architects, Environmental Partners Group, and the Provincetown Police Chief
were able to listen to residents questions on the project and provide further clarification of their concerns
for this project. Further information on the project is available on the Town Website, under Spring Town
Meeting in the Spotlight.
Next Step: The Building Committee is hosting a Question and Answer session at the Council on Aging in
their multi‐purpose room on Thursday, March 21st, starting at 10am. All are welcome to attend.

Current Police StationContact: Rich Waldo rwaldo@provincetown‐ 508‐487‐7060

Goal: Built and Natural Environment 

Objective: Promote Policies and programs that protect and sustain
the natural environment, and our community’s way of life

Sewer Expansion

Project Description: Expansion of the existing sewer system
Budget: $6,000,000
Last Step: The Town submitted a Grant/Loan application to the USDA in the fall of 2018 for the construction of a
Peak Flow Storage Tank and collection system improvements.
Next Step: Due to the government shutdown, the Town is delayed in receiving a response from USDA on a
Grant/Loan award, and hope to hear from USDA prior to April 1st. The Town will be able to move forward with
contract negotiations with AECOM to expand the wastewater treatment facility when it receives the award from

Sewer Facility Inside PipesContact: Rich Waldo rwaldo@provincetown‐ 508‐487‐7060

Goal: Built and the Environment 

Objective: Continue research and conversation and bring forth a proposal for
expanding the municipal sewer system

Marina Reconstruction Project (Wave Attenuator)

Project Description: Replacement of floating dock main sections and mitigate storm damage with a 600’ wave
attenuator on the East side of the Harbor (Picture above is a digital representation of the project).
Budget: The Town of Provincetown voted at STM 2013, Article 11 to appropriate $250,000 for design services to repair
the floating docks.
In 2015, the Town approved CIP article 18‐11 for $4.9 million for the reconstruction of the docks including wave
On September 26,2018 FEMA awarded Provincetown a $3.4 million‐dollar grant for the project. Town funds will be used
for federal grant match.
Last Act: The dredging necessary prior to the start this project is now complete, with Court Street receiving the dredge
spoils for nourishment of the landing. Permitting and funding are in place. The Pier Corp made a presentation to the
fishermen tenants on January 24th regarding the construction project, and outreach will be ongoing.
Next Act: The awarded contractor will have a pre‐construction meeting with Town officials in March to discuss on‐site
materials, equipment arrival, lay‐down areas, on‐going operations during construction, and a communications strategy.

View of MarinaContact: Rex McKinsey rmckinsey@provincetown‐ (508) 487‐7030

Goal: Built and Natural Environment 

Objective: Promote Policies and programs that protect and sustain the natural
environment, and our community’s way of life

Local Comprehensive Plan (LCP)

Project Description: A Local Comprehensive Plan (LCP) is a guideline for what the
community looks like now, where the community is headed, and where the community
wants to go over the next 10‐20 years
Budget: N/A‐Done with Planning Department staff and volunteer time
Last Step: Public outreach events hosted throughout Town to receive public input on
Land Use and Community Character, Economic Development, Housing, Transportation,
Inclusive Community, Open Space and Recreation, Natural Resources, and Infrastructure
and Climate Adaptation
Next Step: Paper surveys will be mailed to all registered voters in Town. Drafting of the
plan continues, and the responses to the survey will be incorporated prior to the release
of a draft to the community.

LCP logoContact: Jeffrey Ribeiro jribeiro@provincetown‐ 508‐487‐7000

Goal: Built and Natural Environment 

Objective: Support efforts to bring forward a local
comprehensive plan for the use of all Town owned land

Provincetown 400

Project Description: Provincetown 400‐ The Commemoration of the Pilgrim’s First Landing, and the
signing of the Mayflower Compact
Budget: To be determined by the Provincetown 400 Task Force, Pilgrim Monument, and Provincetown
Last Step: The Provincetown 400 Task Force continues to meet monthly to discuss specific events and
opportunities regarding event planning. The Provincetown 400 Sub‐Committees (including marketing,
programing, etc.) meet regularly to plan all important details regarding upcoming fundraising events.
Updates to programs and events can be found on the website:
Next Step: Provincetown 400 will hold fundraising events to be used to fund Provincetown 2020
programs, including bringing the Mayflower II into Provincetown Harbor in September of 2020. Two
events scheduled to date are a Spring Garden Party Fundraiser on April 27, 2019 at the Inn at Cook
Street, and a 102 Pilgrim Fundraising Dinner on May 4, 2019 at the Crown and Anchor. .

View of the MoorsContact: David Cappuccio (dcappuccio@pilgrim‐ and Diana K. Batchelor
(DBatchelor@pilgrim‐ 508‐487‐1310, ext. 122

Goal: Economic Development 

Objective: Support efforts to improve the tourism economy to enhance
the visitor experience

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Updated March 2019