Community Housing Council

Mission & Authority:

To oversee the Provincetown Housing Office; to perform all of the functions of the Provincetown Local Housing Partnership, which shall be abolished upon the appointment of members to said council; and to administer the Affordable Housing Trust Fund established under Chapter 230 of the Acts of 2002 upon the transfer of said function from the Provincetown Housing Authority.

Agendas & Minutes

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  • Paul Richardson - Term Ends 6/30/23
  • Charles Roberts, Select Board Rep Seat- Vice Chair - Term Ends 6/30/25
  • Kevin Moss , Chair - Term Ends 6/30/24
  • Cuong Hoang- Term Ends 6/30/26
  • Frances Coco, HA Rep - Term Ends 6/30/24
  • Michael Litvin, Alt. - Term Ends 6/30/26
  • Robert Biddleman, Alt. - Term Ends 6/30/26

Contact: Community Housing Specialist Michelle Jarusiewicz