Provincetown Public Health Programming

The Provincetown Health Department has been providing public health programs and services since 2015, guided by its inaugural public health needs assessment. The COVID-19 pandemic delayed the next public health needs assessment, which was slated to occur in 2020. The Health Department hopes to update the assessment in 2022 to guide future work.

Guided by the 2015 needs assessment, the Health Department and Board of Health chose three core focus areas for the Town’s public health work: improving and facilitating community connection, providing access to fruits and vegetables to those who cannot afford them, and providing mental health and substance use supports for the community, on top of improving existing legacy public health programs and managing the Town’s Community Support Liaison program. Click the links below for more information on our current programs and services.

The Provincetown Community Support Liaison is a resource available to anyone in town. If you need help locating services, please contact the Community Support Liaison. The program is funded by the Town through a grant to the Homeless Prevention Council.

The Community Support Liaison is available by appointment, or at the following drop-in hours at either the Provincetown United Methodist Church (20 Shank Painter Road) or the Provincetown Public Library (356 Commercial Street):

· Monday: Methodist Church 10-2

· Tuesday: Library 10-2

· Wednesday: Church 10-2

· Thursday: Church 10-2; Library 2-4

· Friday: Church 10-2

More information about some of the Community Support Liaison’s services is available on the Homeless Prevention Council’s website here

The Community Support Liaison also distributes Provincetown Health Department’s Barrier Elimination Fund and Youth Activity Fund. The Barrier Elimination fund was established to help folks who experience a barrier to receiving mental health or substance use disorder treatment. If you or someone you know has something keeping them from getting treatment (childcare, bus fare, etc.), please contact the Community Support Liaison.

The Community Support Liaison also administers the Provincetown Youth Activity Fund, for youth aged 25 and younger to participate in classes, camps, and activities. For more information or to apply for the fund, click here. 


First developed to help folks locate resources during the coronavirus pandemic, the Provincetown Resource Guide is a great way to find local resources.


Crop Swap

Provincetown’s produce swap shop and community fridge located at Provincetown Public Library. Available to anyone, donated by everyone. All are welcome, there is no eligibility criteria.

Donations of fresh, uncut fruit and veggies are welcome!

Crop Swap is a partnership program between Provincetown Health Department, Provincetown Public Library, Soup Kitchen in Provincetown (SKIP), and Friends of the Provincetown Library. Click here for more information on the library’s website.


Winter Wednesdays

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Facebook page

Winter Wednesdays is a free community program offering fun, interesting, and dynamic classes to the Outer Cape during the coldest and darkest months of the year. The program seeks to eliminate all barriers to participation including transportation and childcare. A program of the Provincetown Health

Department, Provincetown Public Library, Provincetown Housing/Economic Development Office, Provincetown IB Schools, Truro Central School, and Wellfleet Health and Conservation Departments.

Check the Winter Wednesdays website for more information. Classes are typically announced around the new year. If you are interested in teaching a class, reach out to the Provincetown Health Department by mid-October in the prior year.


Crystal Free

Wednesdays at 5:30pm in Provincetown (via Zoom), year-round.

Crystal Free is a weekly, drop-in group for gay/bi/trans men who are seeking supports with recovery from crystal meth use. This group is a harm reduction group, meaning the participants define their own recovery (for some that may mean abstinence from all substances, for some that may mean abstinence from crystal meth only, and for others that may mean cutting down on crystal meth use).

Crystal Free is offered by the AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod. During social distancing protocols for COVID-19, Crystal Free is being held via ZOOM meetings. To join the meeting or for more information, click here.

Yoga for Addiction Recovery

Thursdays, 5:30 – 6:30 pm

Veterans Memorial Community Center

Off Winslow Street, Provincetown

A free, drop-in yoga and meditation class for those recovering from addiction and their loved ones. The class explores breath, movement, and stillness as a means for supporting recovery from addiction.

A partner program between Provincetown Health and Recreation Departments. For more information, contact instructor Jen Kopec

Buried in Treasures

TBD – Begins Fall 2021

An 18-week, evidence-based group for people who collect, hoard, or otherwise feel overwhelmed by stuff. Join others who want to regain control of their collections and clutter in a private, judgment-free setting. Participants learn skills to:

· Resist the temptation to collect and keep "too much stuff"

· Figure out what to keep and how to organize it so they can use and enjoy it

· Learn and practice skills found in the book, Buried in Treasures

Led by Carole Bishop, LICSW, the group will be held every fall at the Veterans Memorial Community Center. Carole is also available to Provincetown residents for individual coaching session for help with organizing, sorting, recycling and bringing items to the transfer station.

For more information, please call Carol Bishop at 508-776-3644.

Mental Health 5 Year Plan

The Health Department is also launching its 5-year mental health plan in 2021. Click here for a brief overview of the plan. Contact the Health Department if you have questions about the plan.


Breastfeeding Assistance

Poster (PDF)

Brochure (PDF)

Mothers living in Provincetown, Truro, or Wellfleet can be reimbursed up to $150 dollars per infant for services or products to support breastfeeding.

To apply, send the following information to the Provincetown Health Department:

· Mother’s Name

· Mother’s Phone Number and Email

· Address

· Residential Address

· Residential Town & Zip

· Mailing Address

· Mailing Town & Zip

· Baby Name(s) and Date of Birth

· Item(s) purchased and date(s)*

· Date application submitted to the Health Department

*Sales tax will not be reimbursed. Submit the information above with receipt(s) to the Provincetown Health Department, 260 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA 02657.

A program of the Provincetown Health Department, the Dexter Keezer Fund of Truro, and the Wellfleet Health and Conservation Department.

Youth Activities

Brochure (PDF)

Application (PDF)