General Aviation

Beginning August 1, 2023, the Provincetown Municipal Airport will begin charging landing fees on aircraft 4,500 pounds and above landing at PVC. Please see this Notice to Operators regarding Aircraft Landing Fee Billing and Payments Change.

Aircraft will be charged based on the below fee schedule:

4,500 to 7,499lbs
7,500 to 9,999lbs$150
10,000 to 12,499lbs$225
12,500 to 24,999lbs$350


Please note that:

  1. State and federal aircraft are exempt (100% discount for state police, military, etc.)
  2. A touch & go is an arrival and departure and will be billed as a landing each time.
  3. There are no discounts for Life Flight or other revenue generating health related flights.
  4. Part 135 operators below 4,500lbs shall pay $10 per 1000lbs MTOW (Maximum Takeoff Weight).
  5. Based aircraft shall be given a 100% discount.

Vector Airport Systems will assume the billing and collecting of landing fees on behalf of Provincetown Municipal Airport.

Those with questions should contact:

William Juraschek B.
Provincetown Municipal Airport Manager & Fuel Services Manager 
508-827-7887x486 office
508-737-9395 mobile
508-957-6923 fax