Scholarship & Trust Administration Committee

Mission & Authority:

The Scholarship and Trust administration Committee was created by Article 18 at the Annual Town Meeting in April, 2017, to replace the John Anderson Francis Family Scholarship Committee and the Town Scholarship Committee. It is an advisory board comprised of three regular members and one alternate member appointed by the board of selectmen, and two regular members and one alternate member appointed by the School Committee to administer the John Anderson Francis Family Scholarship Fund, the Captain Joseph F. Oliver Scholarship Fund, the Town Scholarship Fund and such other public trusts as the Committee may be assigned by the Board of Selectmen. Such administration is in accordance with the terms of each trust, as amended, or, if change circumstances necessitate amendment, by agreement of the Board of Selectmen, and, in the case of Scholarship Funds, the School Committee. Investment of principal of each trust is determined by the Town, unless otherwise provided by the creator of such trust.

Scholarships Administered:

JOHN ANDERSON FRANCIS FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP, established by the will of Cecilia C. Francis, available to students that have graduated from Provincetown Schools subsequent to 2009 and gone on to graduate from a high school on Cape Cod. May be awarded to graduating high school seniors or those currently enrolled in college or graduate or professional schools. May be awarded for up to four years of college and two years of post-graduate study.

The provisions of Ms. Francis’s will were implemented by Article 41 at the Annual Town Meeting in March, 1984 and a memorandum of agreement between the Board of Selectmen and School Committee, 84E-0022-G1. The amendment to reflect the closing of Provincetown High School was approved by the Board of Selectmen on May 13, 2013.

CAPTAIN JOSEPPH F. OLIVER SCHOLARSHIP, established by the will of Captain Joseph F. Oliver, available to students residing in Provincetown or Truro at the time of graduation from high school, and who have successfully completed their first year of college after graduating from Provincetown High School prior to 2013 or from a Cape Cod high school thereafter. May be awarded for up to three years of college and two years of post-graduate study. When Provincetown High School closed, the requirements of graduation from Provincetown High School was eliminated, Pursuant to a vote of the Board of Selectmen on May 13, 2013.

TOWN SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to a single graduating high school senior who resides in Provincetown and has achieved a distinguished academic record. The funds for this scholarship are contributed by residents and friends of the Town.

Scholarship Application Form (PDF)

  • Completed Application Form
  • Current Academic Transcript (which reflects both course work in progress and cumulative Grade Point Average for all work completed)
  • Student Account for Current Semester (which reflects tuition costs, room and board fees, and other charges along with credits for grants, scholarships and payments)

Provincetown Scholarship Applications Available


Applicants Must Have Completed Their Entire Eighth Grade In Provincetown School System

The John Anderson Francis Family Scholarship, one of over two dozen annual scholarships previously awarded to graduates of Provincetown High School, will continue to be awarded to students who complete their secondary education at a public high school on Cape Cod.

The Town of Provincetown formed the John Anderson Francis Family Scholarship Committee in 1984. Cecilia Francis, a former Provincetown resident and attorney, bequeathed a significant portion of her estate to be used for awarding scholarships to local high school students, thus enabling graduates to receive financial assistance to continue their education.

"Cecilia Francis held close to her heart literature, visual arts, music, and the theatre … those things that serve as the fabric of the Provincetown community," says Bill Schneider, chairman of the Scholarship Committee. With the phasing out of the high school program in Provincetown completed, the Scholarship Committee proposed to continue awarding scholarships to students who complete their entire eighth grade in the Provincetown school system and graduate from a public high school located on Cape Cod. On May 13, 2013, the Provincetown Board of Selectmen approved the request of the Scholarship Committee, which was endorsed by the Provincetown School Committee.

Schneider applauds the work of his colleagues who collaborated with both the Provincetown School Committee and Board of Selectmen to facilitate the policy changes. "Through our combined efforts and the generous contribution of our benefactor, we will continue to award scholarships as Cecilia Francis envisioned," he says. "Her gift is truly one that keeps on giving."

"Provincetown has always been very generous to its resident students," says Dr. Beth Singer, superintendent of Provincetown Schools. "As our children complete their secondary education at other area high schools, and move on to colleges and universities, the financial support from our community scholarships remains vital," Singer says. "They are the children of our community and of Provincetown Schools. Through this partnership, we support their continuing success."

The Scholarship Committee encourages eligible students to obtain an application from their high school guidance counselor. The guidance department of each of the 13 public high schools on Cape Cod has been provided with the new application form along with the guidelines for the John Anderson Francis Family Scholarship.

The application deadline is April 15 of each year for students who will be graduating from high school in June.

Agendas & Minutes

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  • Michelle Axelson, School Appointee - Term Ends 12/31/22
  • Loretta Santos, Selectmen Appointee - Term Ends 12/31/22
  • Olympia Ciliberto, Selectmen Appointee - Term Ends 12/31/18
  • Julia Perry, Chair, School Appointee - Term Ends 12/31/19
  • David Moulton, Selectmen Appointee - Term Ends 12/31/21
  • Ngina Lythcott, Alt., Selectmen Appointee - Term Ends 12/31/20
  • Grace Ryder-O’Malley, Alt., School Appointee - Term Ends 12/31/20

Contact: Town Clerk Darlene Van Alstyne