Nicole's Law

New Carbon Monoxide Law Implemented

Known as Nicole's Law, the regulation 527 Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR) 31.00 was effective on an emergency basis as of September 8, 2006. It was filed principally to supplement the existing carbon monoxide (CO) regulation filed earlier this year which applied to most residences.

Regulation Requirements

This regulation establishes requirements for the second phase of the CO law impacting most R-1 (hotels) and I-1 through I-3 (Institutional) establishments.

These regulations require most of these types of buildings to be equipped with hard-wired or more technical CO alarm protection methods. In accordance with the statute, the regulation required the completion of such installation by January 1, 2007. Download the Owner's Notice of Intent Sample Form (PDF).

For More Information

Read additional information (PDF) about Nicole's Law including:

  • Building owner / manager responsibility
  • Deadlines
  • Emergency plans for all personnel
  • Summary of new regulations
  • Technical options
  • Types of buildings affected