Paid Parking begins on May 1-October 31st

To purchase a permit by mail, send copies of your drivers licences and vehicle registration, and a check payable to Town of Provincetown to Parking, 26 Shankpainter Road, Provincetown, MA 02657.

To obtain a permit, you must present a valid drivers licences and a valid registration.

All taxes and outstanding tickets must be paid before a permit will be issued.

Parking rates: 

Municipal parking lot (adjacent to MacMillan Pier) $3.50 /hr or max. daily $35.00. Grace Hall parking lot (Bradford & Prince St) $2.50hr or max. daily $25.00

The parking meter hourly rate is $1.50.

The kiosk parking machine is $2.00 per hour

Parking Permits Fees

Senior Resident (63 and over)Free
Non-Resident Property Owner$150.00
Resident Commercial$140.00
Non Resident
Includes MPL
Grace Hall
Excludes MPL
Resident Jerome Smith Camper$150.00
Non-Resident Jerome Smith Camper$425.00
Replacement Permits$10.00
Jerome Smith Weekly Permits (7 Days)$60.00

Guest House Parking Permit$500.00

Parking Fund

Paid parking lots and parking meters in Provincetown deposit into the Town's Parking Fund. The Parking Fund is then used for parking-related purposes and to reduce the property tax levy, pursuant to special legislation Chapter 790 of the Acts of 1981


Article 2 Eligibility

6-2-1 RESIDENT Status for Resident vehicle Permit

A vehicle which is garaged at a Provincetown residential address and pays an excise tax to the Town of Provincetown. The individual who owns a vehicle that qualifies for a residential vehicle permit must have a valid registration and driver's license.
Approved 03-11-2014, Annual Traffic Hearing

6-2-2 NON-Resident Property vehicle Owner

The vehicle of an individual who does not qualify for the Resident Vehicle Permit but who owns property and pays property taxes to the Town shall be eligible for a non-resident, property owner permit. Time share units do not qualify. Property owners, whose property ownership is listed to a real estate trust, must provide proof of ownership in that trust to qualify for a permit. Approved 03-11-2014, Annual Traffic Hearing

6-2-3 RESIDENT Senior vehicle Permit

The vehicle of a Provincetown residents over the age of 63 years at their last birthday shall qualify for a resident senior permit. Residency requirements and proof of residency are the same as the rules for Resident Passenger permits. Only one (1) free senior parking permit shall be issued to each household. A senior with two (2) vehicles and both registrations have the same name and address; only one vehicle shall have a free senior permit. The second vehicle shall have a $55 resident permit. If two seniors live at the same address but each registration bears one separate name and the same address, than each senior at the same address shall be eligible for his/her own free senior permit. The use of a senior resident permit shall be restricted to such times as the senior is operating, or a passenger in, the vehicle. Approved 03-12-2013, Annual Traffic Hearing 

Street Sweep will resume on May 29, 2018 and end on October 4, 2018

Appeal a Parking Ticket?
To appeal a parking ticket, download the Hearing Request Form (PDF) or pick it up at:
Parking Department
26 Shankpainter Road
Provincetown, MA 02657

Pay Your Parking Ticket Online
Parking violations may now be paid online through the Plymouth County Parking Ticket Payment System. The Parking Fund is then used for parking-related purposes and to reduce the property tax levy, pursuant to special legislation Chapter 790 of the Acts of 1981.