Emergency Preparedness

How Prepared Are You? Develop a Disaster Survival Plan

To prepare for the unknown, each home should have a 72-Hour Disaster Survival Kit (PDF) easily accessible. The kit should include essential items to help you and your family survive whether you stay at home or seek other shelter during a disaster.

Make sure to develop a disaster-survival plan (PDF) for your pets.

Extreme Cold Weather

MEMA urges residents to take precautions during the extreme cold weather and to minimize outside activities. The following are safety tips (PDF).

Power Outages

The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) provides safety tips (PDF) when experiencing a possible power outage. MEMA also provides information on inland flooding and how to prepare yourself in the event of a flood (PDF).

Local Emergency Prepardness Committee (LEPC)

The goal of the Local Emergency Prepardness Committee (LEPC) is to develop and implement comprehensive response plans that are effective and efficient in addressing human and/or natural threats to the public health and safety of the Provincetown community. Read the complete mission and goals (PDF) of the LEPC.

Storm Awareness

Hurricane Prepardness

Hurricanes are more prevalent during August, September, and October, with the month of September being the time when the largest number occur.