How will traffic be managed?
Access to the site will be split to provide direct public access and parking to the Police Station along Race Point Road. Police vehicles and DPW traffic will have access at the current driveway location, which will be upgraded and widened to allow both an ingress and egress lane.

The project will require a traffic study during its Cape Cod Commission’s Development of a Regional Impact review. The Commission’s traffic engineers will review the traffic study and make recommendation to mitigate any potential traffic hazards.

We would like to proposed extending the CCNSP’s existing bike trail on Race Point Road, and also would like to see the Route 6/Race Point Road Intersection redesigned to remove turn offs.

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1. Why was the Highway Garage Site chosen?
2. How will traffic be managed?
3. Will the building be LEED Certified or include renewable energy features?
4. What is the “right” size needed for both the Police and Highway Garage Buildings?