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Development of Community Interest (DCI)
A Development of Community Interest is a process by which the town identifies a development proposal which, because of its magnitude, scope, location or impact on the built environment, is likely to have influence or effect on the community as a whole.  The developer is asked to hold an informational community meeting prior to entering into the regulatory permitting process.  The community meeting is intended to inform the public of the proposal in the context of the Town's overall regulatory process and shall lay out a timetable and schedule of required permits and licenses.  This forum is not intended as a public hearing, the purpose of the meeting is not for any group to deliberate or make decisions.  The members of the public should be allowed to provide comments and raise certain concerns which the developer may take into consideration prior to filing the official application.

Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum-Bradford Street Access Project

Regulatory Process to Date

Historic District Commission Application
Public Hearing held on April 18, 2018 continued to May 16, 2018 for redesign of the pavilion.  Continued again until June 6, 2018 for a site visit.  Continued again until July 18, 2018 to require Massachusetts Historical Commission input.  See Attached Mass Historic Commission Approval.  See updated materials presented at the July 18, 2018 meeting:  Revised PowerPoint Presentation  Updated Video.  The Historic District Commission APPROVED the project on September 19, 2018 based on revised pavilion plans (Option A).

Conservation Commission Application and Plans
Public Hearing held on May 15, 2018 and continued to June 19, 2018.  June 19, 2018 hearing was held and continued to July 17, 2018 with a request to provide more documentation on the slope stabilization and vegetation of the hillside.  See Revised materials for the July 17, 2018 meetingOrder of Conditions.

Planning Board Application
Public hearing scheduled for June 14, 2018.  Request to continue to June 28, 2018 to address HDC concerns.  Request to continue to September 27, 2018 to address HDC concerns.  Supplemental materials presented at the September 27, 2018 meeting including the revised design approved by the HDC.

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