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Selectmen Policy Statements
Image4_thumb.jpg 2019-02-25 Purchase of Single Use Plastic Bottles under One Gallon
Image4_thumb.jpg 2018-09-10B Waiver of Building Permit Fees for Affordable and Community Housing Projects  
Image4_thumb.jpg 2018-09-10A Provision of Certain Town Services for Affordable and Community Housing Developments  
Image4_thumb.jpg 2018-07-09B Anti Youth Bullying 
Image4_thumb.jpg 2018-04-23 Board of Selectmen to be known as Select Board
Image4_thumb.jpg 2017-11-13  Pole Hearing Guidelines and Procedures
Image4_thumb.jpg 2017-03-13 Economic Development Permit Criteria [Supersedes Policy #2009-02-09]
Image4_thumb.jpg 2016-11-28  Town of Provincetown LED/CFL Lighting Policy
Image4_thumb.jpg 2016-08-22 Electronic Communications Policy for Elected Officials and Members of Boards and Commissions  
Image4_thumb.jpg 2016-03-28  Restroom Signage Changes
Image4_thumb.jpg 2016-01-25B License Agreement for Encroachments 
Image4_thumb.jpg 2016-01-25A Policy Regarding Curb Cut Permit Guidelines & Procedures
(Supersedes Policy 2010-05-10) 
Image4_thumb.jpg 2015-11-09 Town Grant Acceptance and Contract Authority
Image4_thumb.jpg 2014-11-10  Policy Relating to the Addition or Removal of a Streetlight
Image4_thumb.jpg 2014-08-11 Community and Government Service Award
Image4_thumb.jpg 2013-10-15 Anonymous Communication Policy
Image4_thumb.jpg 2012-01-09 Town Board Remote Participation Policy
Image4_thumb.jpg 2011-11-14 Fuel Efficient Vehicle Replacement Policy
Image4_thumb.jpg 2011-06-27A

Affordable Housing Town Services 

Image4_thumb.jpg 2011-27-27B

Affordable Housing Fee Waivers  

Image4_thumb.jpg 2011-06-13         Tourism Fund Expenditures
Image4_thumb.jpg 2010-05-10 Curb Cut Procedures
Image4_thumb.jpg 2009-02-09

Economic Development Permit Policy

Image4_thumb.jpg 2008-11-24 Local Preference for Affordable Housing 
Image4_thumb.jpg 2008-10-27

Request for Refinancing or Sub-rental of Deed Restricted Affordable Housing 

Image4_thumb.jpg 2007-03-12

Economic Development Permit Policy SUPERCEDED

Image4_thumb.jpg 2007-02-20

Housing Policy & Action Plan 

Image4_thumb.jpg 2006-09-25

Partisan Political Mail Delivery

Image4_thumb.jpg 2006-09-11

Septic Systems Phase II Hook-up

Image4_thumb.jpg 2005-10-11

Art Commission TM Approval Policy

Image4_thumb.jpg 2005-09-12

Hurricane Katrina Policy

Image4_thumb.jpg 2005-04-11

Parade Permit Application Policy

Image4_thumb.jpg 2004-12-13

VSB Arts Member

Image4_thumb.jpg 2004-09-14

Tourism Fund Expenditures

Image4_thumb.jpg 2004-03-15

Marriage Licenses

Image4_thumb.jpg 2004-03-05

Marriage Licenses

Image4_thumb.jpg 2004-01-26

Septic Accident Private Property

Image4_thumb.jpg 2004-01-26-A

Community Housing Annual Report 

Image4_thumb.jpg 2004-01-26-A-Amd

Amend Community Housing Annual Report AMENDED

Image4_thumb.jpg 2003-12-02

Septic Systems Town Owned Property

Image4_thumb.jpg 2003-09-22 HDC as Regulatory Board 

Image4_thumb.jpg 2003-09-08

Local Preference for Affordable Housing 

Image4_thumb.jpg 2002-12-02-A

BOS Public Statement or Press Release

Image4_thumb.jpg 2002-11-12-A

Equal Access ton Publicly Funded Events

Image4_thumb.jpg 2002-03-24-A

Provision of Certain Town Services for 100% Affordable Housing Developments

Image4_thumb.jpg 2002-02-25-A

Town Hall Exterior Signage

Image4_thumb.jpg 2002-01-28-A

Contract Execution

Image4_thumb.jpg 2001-06-11-A

Administrative Consultation

Image4_thumb.jpg 2001-06-11-B

Police Chief Goals Committee Report Attachment

Image4_thumb.jpg 2001-05-29

Town Board Input on Goals

Image4_thumb.jpg 2001-05-29-A

Policy Notebook

Image4_thumb.jpg 2001-05-29-B

Town Regulatory Boards 

Image4_thumb.jpg 2001-05-29-C

Pavement Markings

Image4_thumb.jpg 2001-04-09

Conflict of Interest Dual Service Town Boards

Image4_thumb.jpg 2000-09-11-B

Reimbursement of Selectmen's Expenses

Image4_thumb.jpg 2000-02-28-A

Town Manager Performance Appraisal

Image4_thumb.jpg 2000-01-24-A

Town Pins

Image4_thumb.jpg 1992-03-09-1

Annual Traffic Hearing Proposals

Image4_thumb.jpg 1992-03-09-2

Applications Appointments Town Boards

Image4_thumb.jpg 1992-03-09-3

ZBA Applications - Hearing Notices - Town Abutters

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