Local Comprehensive Plan Committee

The Local Comprehensive Plan Committee is made up of volunteers from several Town boards with expertise in the various areas the Plan covers. The seven sections of the Local Comprehensive Plan are broken down into an Introduction, Goals and Policies, Inventory, Analysis and Actions. The Plan is intended to guide us into the future, but also serves the purpose of being a snapshot of where we are now

Approved 2000 Local Comprehensive Plan
The Local Comprehensive Plan is being updated; for more information see: Local Comprehensive Plan Update


  • Max Cliggott-Perlt - Term Ends 6/30/23
  • Steve Katsurinis - Term Ends 6/30/23
  • Jamie Camacho de Sousa- Term Ends 6/30/23
  • Lynne Martin - Term Ends 6/30/23
  • Guy Busa- Term Ends 6/30/23
  • Alfred Famiglietti- Term Ends 6/30/23
  • Regina Binder - Term ends 6/30/23
  • Elaine Anderson - Term Ends 6/30/23