Charter Commission

Mission & Authority:

In accordance with MGL Ch. 43b, a Charter Commission was established to revise the Charter of Provincetown by majority vote in the May 3, 2016 Annual Town Election.

The Charter Commission shall continue to exist until 30 days after the election at which its Charter revisions proposal, if any, is required to be submitted to the voters under MGL Ch. 43b, sec. 7, or until 30 days after submission to Town Meeting of a final report recommending no charter revisions.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Charter Commission (PDF)                                                                                  PTV Logo Opens in new window PTV Video Link

Guide to Public Access to the Charter Commission

The Commission is interested in and will seek diverse points of view through both formal and informal means. The Public is welcome to approach Commission Members to discuss matters relating to the Charter at any time.

The Charter Commission can also accept written comments that identify the sender and which are sent to the official email for the Charter Commission.

Any member of the Public is welcome to speak during the Public Statements item at the beginning of the Agenda at each Meeting. In addition, the Chair will ask any members of the Public that attend the Meetings if they wish to add any comments at the end of the Meeting.

Comments must be courteous. The Chair may limit the length of statements in order to keep the Meeting moving. The Members of the Commission may or may not choose to respond to members of the Public after they have made their comments during the Public Statements portion of the Meeting.

Individuals with an interest or expertise in a portion of the Charter that is on the Agenda for discussion may seek to be recognized to speak by the Chair when that topic arises so that they may participate in that discussion. In addition, the Commission may invite individuals with an interest or expertise in a portion of the Charter that is on the Agenda for discussion to attend and to participate in that discussion.

Once an Agenda item that is under discussion with Members of the Public in accordance with the above guidelines ends, the discussion shall be limited to Commission Members. Commission Members have the responsibility to make the final determination on what the actions and decisions of the Charter Commission will be.

Agendas & Minutes

View the Charter Commission Agendas & Minutes Archive.

Read the November 1, 2017 Letter to the AG's Office & HCD (PDF)
Final Report Summary (PDF)
Proposed Charter Side by Side (PDF)
Revised Charter (PDF)


Thomas Coen
Michelle Crone-DeMarco
Marcy Feller
Steve Katsurinis
Julia Perry
Elizabeth Williams
Robert Vetrick

Please feel free to e-mail the Charter Commission with your suggestions, questions, comments or concerns.