Flood Hazard Mitigation

Draft Hazard Mitigation Plan


The purpose of hazard mitigation is to reduce loss from future natural disasters.
Storms and other natural disasters can cause loss of life and damage to buildings and
infrastructure, with devastating consequences to a community’s economic, social, and
environmental well-being. Planning for future hazards represents an important step
towards reducing loss in a community, and many develop a local (or “single jurisdiction”)
Hazard Mitigation Plan.

DRAFT Mitigation Plan

Gosnold/Ryder Dune Enhancement Project, November 7, 2018

Homeowner's Handbook to Prepare for Coastal Hazards (PDF)
Ryder Street Beach Dune Enhancement Project
Video Presentation

Slide Presentation (PDF)

Flood Hazard Mitigation Presentation by Arcadis US, March 15, 2018

Provincetown Collage

Video of Presentation

Slide Presentation (PDF)