Cemetery Commission

Mission & Authority:

To have sole care, superintendence and management of all public burial grounds in the Town. May lay out any existing public burial grounds or any land purchased and set apart for cemeteries with proper paths and avenues; may plant, embellish, ornament and fence the same and erect therein such suitable edifices and conveniences and make such improvements as it considers convenient; and, subject to the approval of the Town, may make such regulations, consistent with law, as it deems expedient.

Agendas & Minutes

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  • Robert Sweetman- Term Ends 12/31/24
  • Michael Chute- Term Ends 12/31/24
  • Sharon Bunn, Chair - Term Ends 12/31/24
  • Michael Harpie - Term Ends 12/31/22
  • Lynne Kimball-Martin, Vice Chair - Term Ends 12/31/23
  • Tim Famulare, Alt. - Term Ends 12/31/22
  • Thor Jensen, Alt. - Term Ends 12/31/23

Contact: Town Clerk,

2023 Meeting Schedule:

Day/Time: Wednesdays from 3:00 – 4:30 PM
Location: Town Hall Caucus Room (unless meeting Agenda states an alternate site).  Please see main calendar on homepage for additional information and agenda postings in compliance with State Open Meeting Law requirements.

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Cemetery Lot Sales

Cemetery lots shall be sold only to residents or former residents of Provincetown and are transferable only to members of their immediate family unless otherwise approved by the Cemetery Commission. A Resident shall mean any person who currently maintains a primary residence in Provincetown or has previously resided in Provincetown at any time for at least ten years as evidenced by the Town’s records or otherwise to the satisfaction of the Commission.  Example list of documents to prove residency

For information on purchasing a cemetery lot please contact Town Clerk at 508-487-7013, or via e-mail  and include the Cemetery Plot Application Form.

Cemetery Rules & Regulations (PDF)

Natural Burial - Frequently Asked Questions

Winthrop Street Cemetery - Provincetown’s Oldest Cemetery

Historical Chronology (PDF)

Winthrop Street Cemetery Schematic Design June 2015 (PDF)

Master Conservation Plan May 2012 (PDF)

Stone Conservation Treatments (PDF)

MCC Condition Assessment December 2011 (PDF)