Funding Opportunities


Provincetown Family Resource

Cape Cod Children’s Place Family Support specialist, Charlotte Fyfe, is available to meet with you by appointment, by calling 508-237-2688 or e-mail at

At the Provincetown Family Resource you will find:

  • Consultations for any Provincetown Family with children birth to 18 years.
  • Applications for financial aid from Provincetown’s John Henry Trust. This fund, bequeathed to the town in 2003, is for the benefit of children birth to 18 years whose families require financial assistance to pay for medical, dental, transportation, housing and childcare needs. There are income and residency restrictions. Financial details here. All requests are completely confidential. For more information or to download an application in ENGLISH or SPANISH.
  • Parenting information on a variety of topics, ranging from infancy to teens.
  • Referrals to medical care, counseling, housing assistance and free or low cost food and clothing. Also: mental health, addiction, education & childcare resources, parenting and support groups.
  • Someone to talk to, who can give you confidential referral information and help steer you to useful resources.

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Provincetown Youth Activity Grant Application 

The Provincetown Health Department is introducing the Youth Activity Grant program to supply funds for applicants looking to attend classes, camps, or other recreational programs or to pay for transportation to classes or camps. 

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