Abutters List

Beginning July 1, 2020, Abutters List requests are now part of the permit application process regardless of which Board or Committee you have a hearing scheduled with. If you request an Abutter’s List required by a Board or Committee directly from the Assessor’s Office the request will be returned unfulfilled to the requester. Only specialized Abutter Lists that are not associated with a Board or Committee may still be requested through the Assessor’s Office directly.

Additionally, labels will no longer be printed or provided except for special requests* 

*Special Request Abutters List– A request from a town board/department or by Not for Profit Organizations can be made from the website: https://provincetownma.viewpointcloud.com/categories/1091 

$25.00 per list. An Abutters List shall include all parties in interest and their addresses, as set forth in Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 40A, Sub-Section 11, consisting of persons who are owners of land immediately abutting the identified property, owners directly opposite said property on any street or way, abutters to abutters within (see criteria below) feet of the said property, and/or parties in interest, all as they appear on the most recent applicable tax list.

Criteria for Abutters List by Board of Submission

Board of SubmissionCriteria
*Board of HealthImmediate Abutters
Cape Cod CommissionImmediate Abutters
*Conservation Commission100 Feet
*Curb CutImmediate Abutters
*Historic District Commission75 Feet
*Licensing Board75 Feet
*Liquor License500 Feet from School or Church
*Planning Board300 Feet
*Pole HearingImmediate Abutters
*Zoning Board of Appeals300 Feet

* with application submission

For questions or assistance, please contact the Assessor's Office.