Passenger Information

Call Ahead.

Please check the status of your flight by checking the Cape Air or Jet Blue website or calling the airline before leaving for the airport.

Arrive early.

If your flight is departing in Provincetown, Plan to arrive at the terminal at least 30 minutes before the scheduled flight departure time. Travelers must check in at the Cape Air ticket counter a minimum of ten minutes prior to the scheduled departure time or their reservations will be subject to cancellation or re-sale.

Airport Security DiagramPack smart.

Please check the TSA's website for a list of items banned from checked bags or carry-ons. DO keep your prescription drugs, jewelry and other valuables with you. You can use a TSA authorized locking mechanism to secure your bags. Information on these locks can be obtained at the Travel Sentry website or the Safe Skies Locks websiteTSA screeners have tools for opening and re-locking baggage with either of these recognized locks, thus avoiding damage to the lock or bag if a physical inspection is required.

The Cape Air baggage allowance is one piece of checked baggage with a maximum weight of 50 lbs and size cannot exceed 62 linear inches in overall dimensions plus one gate checked bag small enough to pass through TSA gate screening and to carry onto connecting flights plus one small personal (wing) item, such as a brief case or small laptop bag.

Social Security


Remember to have your photo ID and tickets available. We encourage you to always check with your carrier since each has different requirements.