Town Meetings

Open Town Meeting

The Town of Provincetown’s legislative body is a town meeting open to all registered voters of the Town. The annual town meeting is held on the first Monday in April of every year. Sessions begin at 6:00 p.m. Special town meetings may be called at other times by the Board of Selectmen or upon petition of 200 voters. Warrants close thirty days prior to the date of the town meeting. Petitions for warrant articles may be obtained from the Town Clerk. Petitions for Annual Town Meeting warrant articles require signatures of 10 registered voters of the Town of Provincetown; for Special Town Meeting articles, 100 voters. Read about Town Meeting in the Charter (PDF).

See also A Citizen’s Guide to Town Meeting (PDF).

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Prior Annual Town Meeting Decisions

Prior Special Town Meeting Decisions

Town Meeting By-Law Revisions Public Notices - Attorney General Approved