Flight Status

Flight Arrivals & Departures Most airlines now provide an option for passengers to check flight status. In most cases, all you do is simply sign up online at the airline's online web site, and provide them with your contact information.

Flight status for Cape Air and Jet Blue flights can be found at the Massport Website, by accessing the individual carriers Web Site or by calling the airline directly.

Screen Showing Flight Arrivals and Departures

Massport (Boston Logan)

Visit the Massport Website @ www.massport.com
Massport Information: (800) 23-LOGAN

The Weather Channel, Weather.Com
Cape Air

Cape Air

Visit the Cape Air Website @ www.flycapeair.com
Cape Air Reservations and Information: (866) 227-3247
Cape Air Provincetown Counter: (508) 487-0241

Jet Blue: Happy Jetting

Jet Blue Airways

Visit the Jet Blue Website @ www.jetblue.com
Jet Blue Reservations and Information: (800) 538-2583