Historic District

The Historic District was created to promote the cultural, economic and general welfare of the residents of the Town of Provincetown by:

  • Preservation and protection of the distinctive characteristic of buildings and places significant in the history and development of Provincetown;
  • Maintaining and improving the settings of these buildings and places;
  • Encouraging design compatible with buildings in the area so as to continue to maintain the historic character and other qualities which distinguish the Town as a desirable community for permanent and seasonal residents and visitors.

The Historic District is defined by area shown on the Provincetown Historic District map (PDF) dated December 4, 2002. Building work done in the Historic District is regulated by Chapter 15 of the Town of Provincetown General By-law.

Staff serves as liaison to the Historic District Commission. It is only the Commission that can approve applications under its By-laws. Staff is ready and able to help the public to prepare complete applications and to help interpret the By-law.

Online Permitting

Users must apply for permits online, upload plans/drawings, documents, pay application fees, and all without visiting Town Hall or even Provincetown! You will be able to monitor and track applications throughout the plan review process, view comments, and print out receipts and documents.

First time users/applicants must first register and create a user account.  Once the user account has been established, you may proceed with your online application submission. Select the link- E-Permits- on the Town’s website to continue to the On-line Permit Center.  Instructions can be found here.

Historic Architecture Preservation Resources

Draft Design Guidelines 

To support the HDC, Homeowners, and Applicants, the Community Development Department staff are developing Historic District Design Guidelines. The process is in it's initial research and development phases. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

DRAFT - Chapters 1 & 3      Architectural Style Guide (Historic New England)      Architectural Elements Guide