VSB and Tourism Office Goals

Town-wide Goal Proposal: for the whole organization

Given the difficult economic times, the Visitor Services Board continues to respectfully recommend to the Board of Selectmen the importance of adopting an ongoing goal to officially recognize Tourism as the Town's primary economic engine. The Board's commitment to this goal can be achieved by continuing to invest resources to build and expand the tourism office's infrastructure, which will have a positive economic impact on the Town. Additionally, this recommendation advises to continue efforts to improve the Town's infrastructure to create a more effective and efficient environment for regulatory transactions between local businesses and the Town.

Provincetown continues to compete within the international arena and is an established premier resort destination. The Board of Selectmen's increased commitment to funding infrastructure and marketing resources will widen the scope of opportunity to maintain Provincetown's standing in this highly competitive environment during difficult economic times.

Areas of concern that should be addressed to maximize tourism and to make Provincetown a premier destination include the following:

  • Continue to work on initiatives and incentives that keep businesses in Town and that attract new businesses, including accommodations, dining and retail establishments;
  • Identify and implement incentives for businesses to stay open longer during the year, particularly in the second and fourth quarters;
  • Continue to enhance visitor services such as signage, restrooms, bike racks, benches and the visitor services center at 330 Commercial Street;
  • Improve efforts to create a truly "green" community such as cleaning streets and beaches; beautification efforts, additional garbage and recycling receptacles, and scheduled pick-ups.

Town-Wide Goal Proposals:

1. Continue to officially recognize that tourism is the town's primary economic engine, and the Board of Selectmen and Visitor Services Board agree to work together to enhance the infrastructure needed to support a tourism economy, including upholding the existing construct whereby a portion of the room tax revenue generated by tourism will fund the Tourism Fund, the purpose of which is to promote, market and beautify Provincetown to stimulate tourism.

2. Continue to support any legislative efforts to augment the tourism fund, i.e. support room tax for short-term rentals.

3. Make the repaving of town roads and its impact to business, a high priority.

Department-specific Objectives: Visitor Services Board

  1. Develop marketing/media plan and update Five Year Plan to promote, market and beautify Provincetown. Continue to prioritize marketing town to international markets. Also, prioritize marketing town as a wedding destination, a GLBT destination, an arts destination and a pet friendly destination, and expand upon eco-tourism marketing efforts.
  1. Enhance tourism by proactively building relationships with key stakeholders, including the Provincetown Chamber of Commerce, the Provincetown Business Guild and core business segments, including Innkeepers, Dining establishments, and Retailers, etc.
  1. Continue to publicize and promote Provincetown via the internet by maximizing the Tourism Office's new website and expanding social networking efforts, and also by leveraging efforts of the Public Relations Firm and travel writers.
  1. Continue efforts to market and promote Provincetown by approving Tourism Grants, with primary focus on events outside of the peak season of July and August. Also, help to ensure the success of established events with continued grant funding.