Capital Improvements Plan

Capital Improvements Plan - Provincetown Municipal Airport

The Provincetown Municipal Airport and the Federal Aviation Administration pursuant to the requirements of NEPA, have made available for public review and comment the Final Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Assessment for the Capital Improvement Plan at the Airport located in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Comments will be accepted until February 10, 2012. Please send comments to Jacobs Engineering, 343 Congress Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02210, Attn: Michael Garrity, email. In addition to the Airport Commission's website, a review copy will be available at the Airport Manager's Office and the Provincetown Public Library.

Click on link below to access document. Due to the size of the original document, the document has been broken into sections. Some section may take time to open. Please be patient.

Table of Contents - Abbreviations - MEPA Certificates - CCC Notice of Hearing (PDF)

Section 1.0 - Overview (PDF)

Section 2.0 - Purpose and Need (PDF)

Section 3.0 - Proposed Action and Alternatives Analysis (PDF)

Section 4.0 - Affected Environment (PDF)

Section 5.0 - Environmental Consequences (PDF)

Section 6.0 - Project Description (Preferred Alternative) (PDF)

Section 7.0 - Mitigation Plans (PDF)

Section 8.0 - Statutory and Regulatory Standards and Compliance (PDF)

Section 9.0 - Findings (PDF)

Section 10.0 - Agency Coordination and Public Participation (PDF)

Section 11.0 - Distribution List (PDF)

Section 12.0 - List of Preparers (PDF)

Section 13.0 - Comment Letters on the Draft EIR/NPC and Responses (PDF)

Final Environmental Impact Report
Enviromental Assessment
Section 4(f) Evaluation (FEIR/EA)

EEA Number 13789

December 17, 2011