Town Wide Pavement Management Plan

GHD was hired to develop a Town-wide paving plan with the goal of developing a long-term paving and road resurfacing plan that would evaluate the condition of the current roadways infrastructure, develop costs of maintenance and rehabilitation, and provide a tool to track repairs and expenditures.

A Pavement Management System (PMS) is a planning tool used to aid agencies with the task of building and maintaining their roadways. A PMS provides agencies with a means to collect, store, organize, and analyse pavement condition information and help agencies plan for preventative and future maintenance. Research and experience has shown it is far less expensive to maintain a road in good condition than it is to allow a road to deteriorate before repairing it. Pavement Management Systems place priority on maintaining these good condition roads, which over the long-term will effectively provide a higher condition roadway at a lower cost.

Project Plan Details (PDF)