Select Board

The select board consists of five members elected for three-year overlapping terms so arranged that the term of at least one member shall expire each year. They are elected at large by voters regardless of their political party affiliation. A member shall not hold any other appointed or elected, paid or non-paid, position in town government, including any temporary, or ad-hoc committee created at town meeting, or otherwise.

The select board shall be the primary policy making, planning, and goal setting agency of the town. They shall insure that the Provincetown General By-Laws shall be up to date and republished at least every five years, and make provisions for traffic regulation and control. The select board shall exercise the powers and duties prescribed by the Massachusetts General Laws, the Provincetown General By-Laws, or the Charter, and which are not vested in a town officer or another town board by the Massachusetts General Laws, the Provincetown General By-Laws, or the Charter.

One of the most important roles is reviewing and adopting the annual budget which funds the Board's priorities, town's operations, and capital projects for the fiscal year which begins every July. The Board also awards contracts, sets user fees, and approves property tax rates.

The select board shall appoint a town manager, a secretary to the select board, and members of other town boards.


  • Second and Fourth Mondays at 6:00 pm
  • Special Meetings as necessary, See link to Agenda's below.
Select Board's Meeting Schedule

Videotaped Select Board's Meetings

Can be seen on Provincetown Television, Cable Channel 18:

Tuesdays at 8:00 am

Wednesdays at 6:00 pm 

Thursday at 12:00 pm

Friday at 3:00 pm

Saturday at 8:00 am

Sunday at 7:00 pm 

Watch past Select Board’s meetings on Provincetown Community Television.

Agendas & Minutes

View the Select Board’s Agendas and Minutes Archive.


  • Dave Abramson, Chair (2025)
  • John Golden, Vice Chair (2025)
  • Erik Borg (2026)
  • Austin Miller (2026)
  • Leslie Sandberg (2024)

Secretary to the Select Board

Shannon Corea


Email Shannon Corea

Download the Select Board’s Rules of Procedure (PDF)