General Questions


How do I get on the Board of Health's agenda?

First, you may want to contact the Health Department to ensure that getting on the Board of Health agenda is the best course of action for what you are looking to accomplish. Then, to request to be on the agenda, fill out a Request to Appear before the Board of Health (PDF) and return it to the Health Department. The Health Department will let you know which meeting's agenda you will be placed on, and what supporting materials you will need to provide for the Board members' packets.

There may be issues of concern that are not within the Board of Health's purview or would be best handled by another department. If that is the case, Health Department staff will try their best to direct you to the correct entity.

How do I let the Board of Health know about something I have concerns about?

There are a few ways in which you may communicate with the Board of Health. First, you may voice your concerns to a staff member of the Health Department, who may be able to resolve your concern, direct you to the proper department to resolve your concern, or relay that information to the Board of Health.

You may also wish to speak directly to the Board of Health during the public comments period of Board of Health meetings. Public Comments are the first item on the Board of Health's agenda. Please be aware that the Board of Health does not respond to Public Comments. You may find a schedule of Board of Health meeting dates.

How do I find out about a public hearing?

All Board of Health public hearing notices are posted in the Banner and on the Town's website. See if there are any upcoming Board of Health public hearings.