Why this size?
Right Spaces, Right-Sized

At 13,684 sq. ft., the new police station is right-sized and efficiently laid out with no extras or unused space. It prioritizes functionality now and for the next 50 years, including the right size and right type space for officers, detectives, staff, dispatch personnel, detainees, and members of the public.

Needs Assessment

A Special Needs Assessment prepared by The Center of Public Safety found the existing facility “woefully undersized” and lacking “a proper evidence storage area.”

Examples of Areas Requiring More Space

Evidence collection, handling, and storage will occur in purpose-built spaces to assure chain of custody and enough space to archive them in perpetuity.

The elevator requires spaces for it and its own mechanical room.

The Dispatch (and the entire facility) will have up-to-date technology requiring a server room, and is sized to function separately 24/7.

The Roll Call room is sized to allow the full staff to meet in one location for the first time ever.

Comparison of the size to other Cape towns
Size of the new police station compared to other police facilities

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1. Why do we need a new police station?
2. What are the benefits of the new station?
3. How sustainable and “Green” is the new building?
4. What are the cost and tax impacts?
5. Why this location?
6. Why this size?
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