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1. When does an individual need a license?
2. How many classifications of retail licenses exist?
3. What are the four categories of retail liquor licenses?
4. How many different types of pouring licenses are there?
5. Can a patron bring their own alcohol into my establishment?
6. How long does a licensee have to appeal to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission (ABCC) a decision made by the local licensing authority?
7. How long does a licensee have to appeal a decision made by the ABCC?
8. Can a retailer use his/her license to secure a loan?
9. What are the different kinds of liquor assets/property that can be pledged?
10. Do Local Licensing Authority's set the hours during which restaurants can serve alcoholic beverages on weekdays?
11. Can everyone bring their own beer, wine, or other alcoholic beverages into an establishment (so-called “BYOB”)?
12. What forms of identification are acceptable to prove that someone is twenty one years of age or older, so that person may be served, delivered, or allowed to possess or purchase alcoholic beverage
13. Do restaurants, hotels, function halls and package stores need to meet certain requirements while conducting a wine tasting, malt beverages and spirit tastings?
14. Can Section 12 (on-premises) establishments with wine and malt licenses serve cordials and liqueurs?
15. Is the ABCC required to accept from a licensee a fine as an offer in compromise in lieu of suspension?
16. Can a retail package store use a coupon to advertise or give a discount in the price of alcoholic beverages?
17. Can a bar, restaurant, or hotel offer a free drink?
18. Can a restaurant allow a patron to go home with a bottle of wine purchased with dinner?
19. Can a bar, restaurant, or hotel increase the price for alcoholic beverages during the evenings when they have entertainment?
20. Can a licensee change a manager, stockholder, officer, director, the holder of an interest in the license or take on a new partner or investor at any time?
21. When can I start selling and allowing my customers to drink alcoholic beverages on my newly added patio area?
22. I’m holding an event and applying for a special one-day license. Can I get alcohol from my local package store to serve at the event?
23. Where can I find the forms I need to apply for a new liquor license or modify my existing liquor license?
24. The answer to my question was not in this FAQ. Where can I go to get answers?